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We are Dinh Dinh, a Southeast Asian influenced menu with an American backbone. Our flavors touch on multiple Asian cultures and deliver comforting, delicious, wholesome, and approachable cuisine for all. 

Dinh Dinh is the longtime culinary dream of Westchester native, Brian Candee. After a restaurant partnership in Asheville, North Carolina, Brian returned to the Northeast to be closer to family, and to continue pursuing his restaurant career and aspirations. Most recently he was a partner in the Village Social Group, where he oversaw operations at Village Social Rye, Pubstreet, and Fatt Root . The 2020 pandemic brought about a lot of change and inspired him, his wife Lauren, and their three children to branch out on their own. With the unwavering support of their extended family, they bring you a space with healthy and flavorful food to comfort your soul and bring you joy.


A big source of inspiration? The thai chile! During the early days of the pandemic Brian's head was spinning with ideas and often, as he has his entire life, he calmed his nerves in the kitchen. It was there in his very own home that he began to really get to know the diverse uses behind this foundational ingredient. With the family to help him with any and all tasting, he slowly, deliberately, and purposefully found his new passion for Southeast Asian cuisine.


Another thing there's been a lot of time for lately? Books. Lots and lots and lots of beautiful books about food and culture. It's always important to keep your wheels turning. We'll be rotating our favorite cookbooks in the restaurant - if you see one you'd like to explore, just ask!


Preserving food is an essential part of Southeast Asian culture. The hot climate makes food more vulnerable to spoilage, and preservation can stave off harmful bacteria. Using multiple techniques, flavors and nutrients can be preserved and even transformed, adding complex layers to all types of proteins, starches, and sauces. 

And let's not forget, another benefit of preservation is minimizing food waste. Almost anything can be fermented and/or preserved.  Pickled watermelon rind is a great example of a food that would otherwise wind up in the trash! 

We use a hefty amount of preservation and fermentation techniques at Dinh Dinh to create unique underlying flavors, and to eliminate as much food waste as possible.